Annex Network

Domestic Prostitution & Sex Trafficking Victims
Opportunity to Get Out and Empower to Not Go Back

An opportunity to get out for any sex trafficking victim that wants out, seems minimal. Long lasting relationships are key for any significant life long recovery. The Annex has a vision of a network of congregations and social services working with each other to provide opportunities to get out. Annex Transitional Homes is a wholistic model allowing congregations to provide role models and fostering homes along side of life skill programs resourced by social work agencies. This model not only provides essential long term relationships but is also incredibly cost effective. 

Source Annex Transitional Home, Take a Number Traveling Art Exhibit, Awareness Seminars and Prayer Vigils are all a part of the Annex Network.

Monthly Events

Training & Testimony Night

First Tuesday of every month

Prayer Breakfast

Third Saturday of every month

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